Backpacking Holiday in Cairns

travel and tourism holiday in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia

travel and tourism holiday in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia

Cairns is located in the northern eastern shore, has wonderful tropic weather and an excellent starting point to get to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is an enormous assortment of reefs and isles, has 350 sorts of corals and 1500 kinds of fish. Many companies offer cruises to the isles, in average 8 hours long, special stops in places safe for diving, and ferries with glass floors. One of the known companies is the Reef Magic Cruises.

Another option is simply to fly upon the reef on a helicopter, yet the price for a flight is much higher than for a cruise. It’s recommended to get there in the winter when there are to jellyfishes.

A short drive from Cairns is Kuranda, a small town with rich art culture. In Kuranda there are two main markets with endless shops, galleries, souvenir stands with local hand maid art, some of which is created right in front of you. Of course there are many restaurants coffee shops.

A great way to journey the rain forests around Cairns is guided jeep tours that will show you animals in their natural habitat, explain about the tropic vegetation and exotic fruits. Well reviewed companies are Billy Tea Safaris and Eco Safaris Wilderness.

Backpacking Holiday in Perth

travel and tourism holiday in Perth Western Australia

travel and tourism holiday in Perth Western Australia

Perth Western Australia is one of the popular destinations among backpackers in Australia. This enchanting city is always sunny with perfect weather, draws to its gorgeous beaches masses if tourists.

One of the attractions you can find in Perth is Kings Park, the biggest park in the world located in the northern bank of the river and right across the center of the city. In the park there’s a botanic garden that’s free, many art galleries, coffee shops and endless spots to enjoy the view of the river and the city.

On the rivers’ bank is the famous Bell Tower that was built for the new millennium. The tower has a special hall with 18 bells that were mostly brought from English churches, as a part of the demonstration you can even ring them yourself.

You can also go to the upper floors of the tower and watch the city from up high but even if you choose to stay outside the lighted tower you’ll appreciate the spectacular vision.

For those who are looking for a holiday a little further afield, or perhaps even a bit more relaxed, other holidays include a luxury European river cruise, or even a trip to the Northern Territory.

Another place you should visit is the Perth Mint on Hay Street 310. Taking a guided tour is advised, it offers explanations about the history of gold mining in Australia and the process of coin production.

Perth has many attractions and activities for any age and for families with kids, from nature and beaches to history and cloture.

Backpacking Holiday in Byron Bay

travel and tourism holiday in Byron Bay NSW Australia

travel and tourism holiday in Byron Bay NSW Australia

Byron bay is a heaven for surfers and beach lovers and another must for a backpacker in Australia.

Whether you’re professional surfers or always wanted to surf, there you can take lessons that vary in prices, level of expertise, for individuals, couples and groups. The most recommended company for this kind of activity is Mojosurf, offering its services in any time of the year.

Cape Byron is the city’s icon, the most eastern lighthouse in Australia and the most luminous one. A tour inside the lighthouse itself is very recommended, but even without entering you can enjoy a free walk on the shore, a beautiful sunset or a sunrise.

As to food and a place to stay- The Byron bay has many coffee shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants. A lot of them offer discounts for tourists and some hostels even give vouchers.

No matter how you choose to get to Byron Bay, the main thing for any traveller is to make sure that you always deal with a licenced travel agent. Always check the details of their travel agency with the Department Of Fair Trading. Find a travel company based in Sydney Australia that we use and recommend ourselves.

When arriving to the Byron bus station hostel representatives will be welcoming you and offering a place in their hostel. The popular ones are YHA charging 70$ for a room for two, Arts Factory with up to 90$ per person in a room for two, and the Backpackers Inn where you can find a room for two starting from 33$.

An important tip is not to arrive at times of holidays since it’s very crowded, and at any time make reservations for hotels or hostels ahead.

Backpacking Holiday In Melbourne

travel and tourism holiday in Melbourne AustraliaMelbourne is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a different side of Australia other than the beach tourism. Melbourne is known for its galleries, shows, museums and various cultural events, so before getting there check which festivals are held during your stay.

If you prefer an organized tour you can sign up in one of the leading tourism agencies- “Backpackers World”, “Peter-Pan’s”, in those companies you could also rent a car, but if you do so an early reservation would save you a lot of money.

Great places for shopping and buying souvenirs in relatively cheap prices are the Victoria Market and Chadstone, where you can buy practically everything.

Well reviewed hostels and warm places to spend the night are Habitat HQ, YHA Melbourne Central Hostel, Melbourne Metro Hostel and the Greenhouse Backpackers hostel.

If you are looking to spend the night going out, in the centre of Melbourne you can find many pubs, restaurants and night clubs, the main streets for such places are Elizabeth, Swanston, Collins, Bourke, Flinders, Lonsdale and Franklin.

One of the recommended activities is visiting The Dandenong Reservation- a huge green rain forest, located eastern to Melbourne. The reservation is a rain forest with a diversity of trees and vegetation, animals and parrots which you can feed. A fun experience especially recommended for families and small kids.

Backpacking Holiday in Sydney

travel and tourism holiday in Sydney Australia

travel and tourism holiday in Sydney Australia

Planning to visit Australia for a Holiday soon? Then Sydney should be on your list of must-see cities.

Australia’s biggest city offers you the greatest amount of tourism sites whether you’re looking to relax or looking for adventures.

The Sydney Harbour is a must, surrounded by the most famous icons- the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The shore consists of lots of little bays where you can take a walk, sail, dive, to fish and enjoy the sandy beaches and cliffs. If you get to spend the New Year’s Eve in Sydney’s Harbour it would probably be a night you’ll never forget  with music, fireworks and spectacular celebrations.

For additional ideas and information about things to see and do in Sydney on your backpacking holiday, visit the official Sydney Tourism website produced by the NSW State government tourism authority.

The Opera House is one of the famous icons of Sydney located right in the Harbour bay, there you could watch plays, operas, and concerts. From there you can walk to the Botanic Gardens, where you’ll feel calmness and tranquility and enjoy the marvelous sights and also visit the Government House.

Another thing to do in Sydney is go to the Darling Harbour which is located in Sydney’s business center. A little bay that’s gorgeous especially at night when lighted, there you could enjoy all water related ventures, or go shopping in the centre.

The city offers endless activities with beautiful historical sites, lovely beaches, icons, and huge shopping centers- there’s something for everyone.